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Matt Tanner on December 28, 2021

Well, I’m back in Indiana after 2 months of living in Clearwater Florida and the weather is… well… blah. I think I’ve ridden outside just one time since coming home which means it’s time to load up the Zwift machine in my little pain cave.

It’s not the same as riding outside, but I’ve learned that indoor training can be HIGHLY effective. Over the past few off seasons, I’ve not only maintained my fitness, but built on it. I come out in the spring simply flying thanks to the CINCH program.

Today, I did a workout called “Threshold Strength Spikes” which is part of the FOUNDATION phase of the Cinch Ascend Program.

Now note, at CINCH, we use a different set of zones. These aren’t the traditional “FTP” or “CP20” numbers you’ll see in many training plans. These zones have been developed for real life, not a 20min all out effort. (Count the times you’ve done a 20min all out effort in a race or group ride…)

My CINCH threshold is 440w. I estimate my “FTP” is around 350w. So, if you have a FTP number you are using, I’d suggest adding 20% to your FTP in zwift before loading this file up.

Here are the workout details…
***Note the standing / seated sections and cadence control!


Bike gym work today!  We will start with some traditional low threshold work and then transition into standing threshold into a sprint work!


2 hours

15 mins warm up

Low Threshold Strength Work

2 x 4 mins Seated Power Flats (352w)

4 mins recovery after each one

Threshold Strength Spikes Gym 

10 x 1 min

50 seconds Standing (418w) 50 -70 rpm

10 seconds Standing (550w) high rpm

1 min recovery between each 1 min effort

Low Medium Sustained Effort

1 x 10 mins (275w) free cadence

MES Snap

10 x 5 sec MES Snaps

Free Recovery between each one

Low Medium Sustained Effort

1 x 12 mins (275w) free cadence

Free recovery

So here is the file you can just drop it in your workout folder on your computer and select it in Zwift! If you need a tutorial just Google it. It’s super easy.

If you want to know more about coaching or the CINCH process, just give me a shout. I’m easy to find. 🙂

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