Matt Tanner on August 8, 2023

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Learning to ride a bike is a thrilling adventure, and the Learn2Ride program has transformed this journey into engaging levels that make it easier for children to understand and enjoy. With a focus on fun and progression, each level brings young riders closer to the joy of riding on two wheels.

“Eleanor had a great experience! This camp gave her the confidence she needed to learn how to ride a bike. A day later she rode her bike around the block with her dad without stopping. Highly recommend Matt and his amazing team! Thanks again!”

Page Waldon – Carmel, IN

Learn2 Ride Process

Level 1 – The Flamingo: Balancing Basics In this level, called “The Flamingo,” riders will learn the art of balance. Just like a flamingo, they will lift one foot at a time and sway the bike from side to side. This side-to-side motion introduces a new experience, especially for those who have used training wheels before. Feeling the bike tipping and learning to catch themselves marks the first exciting step toward mastering balance.

Level 2 – The Frog Hop: Forward Momentum Enter “The Frog Hop.” Here, we teach riders to propel themselves forward by hopping with both legs, just like a frog. The more advanced they become in this level, the longer their hops will translate into joyful leaps towards independent riding.

Level 3 – Gliding: Embracing Coasting Level 3 is all about “Gliding.” After a series of Frog Hops, riders lift their feet to experience the thrill of coasting. As they progress, the challenge increases – can they glide confidently for 15 seconds? It’s a skill that brings them closer to the exhilaration of cruising on two wheels.

Level 4 – Find Your Pedals: The Grand Finale Once the first three levels are conquered, it’s time for “Find Your Pedals.” Here, riders are ready to put on their pedals. We’ll recap the journey so far, and then have them Frog Hop, Glide, and, most importantly, “Find Your Pedals.” This is the moment when many children start riding on their own, a triumphant finale to their Learn2Ride adventure.

“Amazing. I am so impressed by you, and the whole process! Watching my son go through that process with you today was so cool! He is SO PROUD of himself, which is the coolest part. Thanks for showing him he could do it! I’d recommend this to ANYONE that needs to learn.”

Mrs. Gray – Cicero, IN


In 2023 the Learn2Ride Program achieved phenomenal success over the summer, successfully teaching 81 children the invaluable skill of riding a bike without training wheels.

Workshop Information

  • Workshops are limited to 5 riders
  • Each workshop is 2 hours long
  • Registration fees are $100 per rider
  • Riders must be in First Grade or older

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