New Bikes for Learn2Ride Thanks to Our Generous Sponsors!

Matt Tanner on May 20, 2024

American Structurepoint Inc. and Generational Wealth Advisors of Thrivent step up.

We are thrilled to announce that thanks to the incredible generosity of American Structurepoint Inc. and Generational Wealth Advisors of Thrivent, Learn2Ride has secured funds to purchase three Woom bikes! These high-quality, German-designed bikes will be instrumental in helping more children learn to ride on two wheels.

American Structurepoint’s mission is to improve the quality of life for the people in the communities that we serve. We are thrilled to sponsor Learn2Ride who is helping ensure this mission comes to fruition. By successfully bridging the cycling education gap for children, Learn2Ride is ensuring this generations access to the thousands of miles of active transportation infrastructure that American Structurepoint has helped design.

Mike McBride
Vice President, American Structurepoint Inc.

Supporting young riders is more than just a sponsorship — it’s an investment in their dreams and potential.  We’re dedicated to providing the tools and encouragement they need to pedal toward a brighter, healthier future.  By empowering kids through learning how to ride a bike, we help them build confidence, resilience and a desire for adventure.  Live Generously!

Joel Rietveld
BFA Financial Advisor, Thrivent

Why Woom Bikes?

The Woom bike stands out for several reasons:

  • Ultra-Lightweight: At just 13.1 lbs, Woom bikes are lighter than any other kids’ bikes, making them easier for children to handle.
  • Well-Balanced and Stable: Designed with stability in mind, Woom bikes help children quickly gain the confidence and skills they need to ride.
  • Perfect Fit: Unlike many bikes that are bought for children to “grow into,” Woom bikes are appropriately sized for their riders, ensuring a safer and more successful learning experience.

Traditionally, we’ve seen kids show up at Learn2Ride with bikes that are too big for them. While parents often buy these larger bikes with the intention that their children will grow into them, it often handicaps the child. Managing a bike that is too large can lead to frustration and setbacks. With our new Woom bikes, we’ll be able to assess children with improperly fitting bikes and provide an on-site solution to keep their learning on track.

Our New Partnership with Hoosier Bike Works

We are also excited to announce our partnership with Hoosier Bike Works, a local Woom dealer. This partnership will be invaluable for parents looking to purchase a Woom bike of their own. Hoosier Bike Works shares our commitment to helping children experience the joy and freedom of riding a bike, and we are delighted to work with them to provide access to these fantastic bikes.

Join Us in Thanking Our Sponsors

We extend our heartfelt thanks to American Structurepoint Inc. and Generational Wealth Advisors of Thrivent for their generous contributions. Their support is making a significant difference in the lives of children learning to ride.

Stay tuned for more updates on our Learn2Ride program and our continued efforts to help every child experience the thrill of riding a bike!

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  1. My first bike in 1952 was a Rollfast bike. I used to pedal roundtrip to/from school every day. It was a great bike and it was like a friend to me!

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