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Why the RFCC is different

Do you find the group rides and races you attend fulfill you? Think about it for a moment. We have been looking for the “buzz” and the bike provides that. But many times after the ride it feels like there should be something more. That is why we ride with purpose.

Each day we put on our kit with intent. The ride could be used for socialization or a strict training plan. Maybe our ride is focused on helping others in the group. Sharing our cycling knowledge to make them better riders. Whatever your focus is on your ride, embrace it that day and pivot when it doesn’t work out.

We are building a network of strong riders, mentally, physically, and emotionally. The RFCC is the best cycling club you will ever be a part of no matter where you live.

Join the RFCC

Come ride with us. The RFCC is a group of cyclists that ride with purpose every day. You’ll find our group offers support on and off the bike making you a better person.

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