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Why the RFCC is different

Do you find the group rides and races you attend fulfill you? Think about it for a moment. We are all looking for the “buzz” and the bike provides that. But many times after the ride it feels like there should be something more. That is why at Rollfast, we ride with a purpose.

Our club is an all-inclusive group. We have riders that have raced for decades, others that just started riding in the last year. We have men, women, young and old (some really old!) in the RFCC. Some of our riders are the fastest riders in the country, others are trying to rediscover fitness they had in years past and others are riding for the social experience of cycling. We not only accept them all, we embrace the diversity of our group.

Just like physical health, we have to take care of our minds. Our club offers support when mental health becomes challenging. Just read our rider testimonials and see if the RFCC is the right cycling club for you!

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Josh Drake speaks about Purpose

David Clark speaks about Transformation

Scott Arnold speaks about being Grateful

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