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Matt Tanner on May 20, 2018

Since 2012, Rollfast’s mission has a has been growing the sport, promoting safe cycling, advocating cycling rights, providing opportunities for its team members and building community around the bike.

Our club comprises cyclists from across the nation, forming a tightly-knit support network. Through numerous cycling events annually and various cycling camps, we cultivate an environment where individuals uplift one another. These gatherings are not just about cycling; they are about personal growth and camaraderie, where we collectively strive to become better cyclists and, more importantly, better human beings.


  • Evolve and innovate the sport of cycling
  • Create a supportive network of riders
  • Bring riders together around the World
  • Stay healthy physically and mentally


How do I become a member of Rollfast?

Submit the form below and pay the annual dues.
You’ll instantly become part of Rollfast and get access to our Slack message board, weekly newsletters, an invitation to our Spring Camps and store access to buy our club kit! You will also get access to industry discounts from Pedal Industries, Rudy Project, Hincapie Sportswear, U-20 and more!