Matt Tanner on January 21, 2020

Why it matters

The mental health epidemic costs the global economy more than $1 trillion every year. Organizations and governments are pressured to prioritize mental health and prevent crisis, but they struggle to find affordable, scalable solutions. And with more than 50% of mental illness going untreated, the gaps in the treatment model are plain to see. We can’t rely on diagnoses and tragedies to steer the conversation anymore.

Preventative health measures present our best defense against the countless undiagnosed, untreated issues that threaten our schools, businesses, and families alike.

Train your brain to think healthier thoughts

Every time you see, read, hear, or imagine something, it has an impact on your personality, your mood, and the way you process everyday life—whether you want it to or not.

Your brain is constantly rewiring itself based on these things. The more often you think a thought, the easier it is to think, the more likely you are to think it, and so on. For better or worse, this is how habits are born.

By consistently interrupting negative thought patterns with positive input, we equip your ever-changing brain to make the right changes: Healthy, positive, and (hopefully) permanent ones.

Give it a try with the Text For Humanity platform. Just text JOIN to 37352 and you can send a random positive message to a stranger. Then, you’ll also get a random text from a stranger with positive encouragement.

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