Matt Tanner on September 2, 2021

Recently David Clark of the Rollfast Cycling Club shared his transformative experience since joining the club on September 1, 2017. Read below and check out the before and after shots! WOW.

Yesterday, my daughter reminded me of where I was about 8 years ago, and sent me this photo.

Besides being on vacation, I was tipping the scales at 215+ lbs with cholesterol approaching 300 and with hypertension.  My doc had informed me that if I did not change some of my behaviors I would be in a nursing home at 60.

Even so, seeing the picture yesterday startled me. My self image never reached this point in my mind. With emotions overflowing, I wondered how I got there in the first place and felt extremely grateful that I had received enough support and encouragement from others a few years ago to make a change.

I’ve admired those of you who have posted to this forum (RFCC Slack #mentalhealth), as I share many of the feelings, personal challenges, and types of life events that you have had. Throughout my life, I have battled with bouts of depression and periods during which I had no clear vision of where I wanted to go. I wondered what happened to the guy I used to be in my twenties. Moreover, where was the guy I wanted to become? Why wasn’t I being true to myself, embracing who I was intended to be?  Life has a way of kicking you in the ass now and then, and it’s in those moments that the remainder of your life can be shaped.

In my case, I’m fortunate that I held on to a desire of finding a better path for my life, even during some very low moments. A few things stand out for me:  I received the  counsel of others. One of those individuals suggested I find a way to help others, even if all I had to give was my time or encouragement. Another suggested I expand my personal network and develop friendships with people whose spirits or interests were more aligned with mine. I did those things and more, and realize that I am now reaping a harvest from the seeds I planted at that time.

It’s a story of reciprocity. My business life turned in a different direction, which led me to Elevate Ventures as a Venture Partner helping mentor and invest in Indiana companies. It was through that experience that I met Hersh, who encouraged me to ride with him on a couple of Rollfast rides (I was dropped each time…). I rode the 2016 Rollfast Grand Fondo Medio and met Tom Danielson the eve before. We connected on a personal level. The following year I was lucky enough to be invited to join Rollfast, and entered a coaching relationship with Cinch initially and more recently with Matt Tanner. I learned more about nutrition from Cinch and the Tanners, and embraced selective supplements like Uminus20. With this lifestyle change,  my weight dropped to 175 +/-, and I reached “absurdly almost perfect” bloodwork and vitals according to my doc.

I could go on, but what I will tell you with certainty is that we are all products of the past, but we are not prisoners to it. But first you have to make the commitment to change and then draw from the strength and encouragement of others to stay with it. I am grateful for the gift of being a member of Rollfast, and for the friendships, relationships, and resources that come along with it. The results have been abundant and life-changing, and a powerful ripple effect has touched my family and the various interests that I serve.

Thank you Dave for sharing this. I know vulnerability can help others struggling with problems we all have. We love having you in the club and look forward to more rides, camps, races, and adventures!

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