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Matt Tanner on August 3, 2023


August 3, 2023
Contact: Matt Tanner

Carmel, IND. Bike Carmel’s Learn2Ride Program Empowers 64 Children to Ride Confidently Without Training Wheels

Bike Carmel’s Learn2Ride Program has achieved phenomenal success over the summer, successfully teaching 64 children the invaluable skill of riding a bike without training wheels. This remarkable accomplishment represents an astounding 88% of the 73 children enrolled in the program, igniting a newfound sense of independence and joy in each young rider.

Led by expert instructors, the Learn2Ride Program offers a structured and transformative experience that instills confidence, balance, and coordination in children. Throughout the workshops, kids learned the essential skills to ride confidently on two wheels, overcoming challenges and embracing the joy of cycling.

Parent testimonials have poured in, highlighting the profound impact of the Learn2Ride Program on their children’s lives:

“Wow. Can seriously not thank you enough for this workshop. Our daughter has been struggling to learn to ride at home (even WITH training wheels). To say that I was shocked when I pulled up towards the end of the workshop to see her pedaling around the playground – confidently and unassisted- is a tremendous understatement.”

Mrs. Ciano – Carmel, IN

“Amazing. I am so impressed by you, and the whole process! Watching my son go through that process with you today was so cool! He is SO PROUD of himself, which is the coolest part. Thanks for showing him he could do it! I’d recommend this to ANYONE that needs to learn.”

Mrs. Gray – Cicero, IN

The Learn2Ride Program not only equips children with the skills to ride confidently but also fosters a sense of positivity and self-assurance. Matt Tanner and his exceptional team have been commended for their patience, kindness, and understanding, making the learning experience enjoyable and rewarding for each participant.

Testimonials like the one from Page Waldon exemplify the transformative nature of the program:

“Eleanor had a great experience! This camp gave her the confidence she needed to learn how to ride a bike. A day later she rode her bike around the block with her dad without stopping. Highly recommend Matt and his amazing team! Thanks again!”

Page Waldon – Carmel, IN

As Bike Carmel continues to empower children and promote a love for cycling, the organization is excited to announce that it is actively planning for fall dates to continue the Learn2Ride Program with new workshops. The program’s success has sparked immense interest and enthusiasm, and the team is eager to provide even more children with the opportunity to experience the joy of riding on two wheels.

Bike Carmel expresses its deepest gratitude to the dedicated volunteers, like Kendra Drake and her daughters, who contributed significantly to the program’s success. Their support and involvement have been instrumental in creating a nurturing environment for young riders to thrive.

As Bike Carmel looks ahead to the fall, the organization seeks additional sponsorships to expand the Learn2Ride Program’s reach. Each sponsorship of $500 will cover the cost of a bike, providing opportunities for children who may not have access to appropriate bikes otherwise.

For more information about sponsoring a bike or to inquire about the upcoming fall workshop dates, please contact Matt Tanner at 317-281-8479, or email info@rollfastcycling.com.

About Rollfast 

Rollfast, based in Carmel, Indiana, was founded in 2012. It is an inclusive cycling club and non profit promoting mental fitness and cycling advocacy.

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