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I’ve been working with Tom Danielson since 2015 as one of his first coached athletes. Tom was still very focused on pro racing, but at his camps, he taught riders skills and techniques he saw in the World Tour.

Fast forward and we have been on lots of cycling adventures together. I’ve watched him develop the CINCH Form System. It’s a proven tool to make cyclists improve and master their fitness, execution, nutrition, and focus.

The Form System has transformed me into the rider I am today. Yes, my power is much higher with the system, but that is only ¼ of the equation. I want to share this knowledge with as many athletes as possible. 

Today, I’m proud to announce I will be representing CINCH Cycling as one of their coaches. I offer Form System training plans through the ASCEND Program as well as feedback and encouragement to the athletes I work with.

If you are looking to advance your cycling to the next level give me a call. The offseason is the time when I’ve made the biggest improvements in my fitness (over 10%!) and it isn’t done by spending 3hrs on the trainer! The efficiency of the plan is incredible.

Give me a shout. Let’s Rollfast and Rockhard in 2021 together!

Need a coach? Let me know below!

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Since becoming a CINCH Cycling athlete, I’ve had tremendous growth in my cycling abilities. With this growth there have been MANY successes as well as many times falling short of what I thought was possible. With failure comes more learning which leads to more growth. It’s hard to swallow, but worth embracing the failures in your cycling journey (and life!).

Below are some of the moments I’m most proud of during my cycling journey:

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