Athlete Testimonials

David Clark

“Liking these low threshold and threshold zones. Also – My high medium zone is feeling like what my low medium used to feel like. 3+ w/kg vs 2.5 w/kg. The improvement shows up in my HR at various watt loads too. I believe these workouts are kicking in. Improving my pedal stroke is helping too. Thanks to you and Tom for your help and coaching.”

Kevin McGee

“Something is different. The ride felt, dare I say, effortless. Adjusting cadence, body position and ‘surfing’ is starting to come naturally. Still working on pedaling and making the right connections. I’m a believer.

Thanks for your coaching, insight, and words of encouragement, both positive and constructive feedback. It’s incredibly helpful to me and my primary goal of being a smarter and stronger cyclist. Cheers!”

Aeron Barhorst

“Matt, I had a fantastic ride today! The CINCH program is already showing undeniable results!⠀

I think I was the fastest climber there. I was able to overtake and pass top riders pretty much at will. On those climbs where I mentally set out to win them, I won. I got KOM on Kivett Climb and 2nd overall on the Wall.⠀

Thanks for the coaching so far, and I’m looking forward to even more progress!”