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Matt Tanner on November 9, 2020

I read a blog yesterday about how to wake up and achieve your goals every day. It was full of tips like “vision boards” and journaling. Maybe those concepts work for you, but for me, it just feels like another project to work on before I really get to do what I really want to work on. The article did have a few suggestions that I’ve found really helpful for, training, racing bikes, travel, home improvement, and even that big project at work.

Make a list.

If you have ever been around me at an event, you might have seen my pack list for when I compete. It’s basically a timeline starting the night before the event with a pack list and a countdown to the race start. Sometimes remembering things like stretching, eating, or knowing where the nearest bathroom is might put you into a tailspin for showing up at the start line on time.

I also use lists when planning events. Prioritizing the important items and getting them done as early as possible will help to ensure a successful event. The Rollfast Gran Fondo “list” became a complex spreadsheet over 7 years that was managed by 5 people at the same time.

3 Tips For Your Lists

  1. Start with what scares you. The hardest items on your list are best to work on early in the day when your mind is fresh and your will power is plentiful
  2. The only exception to tip #1 is if a certain mundane task/errand is causing you stress, get that done first. (Maybe you can’t stop thinking about how ugly your hair is? If so, get it cut then get back to work.)
  3. If a task has been sitting on your list for more than two weeks without any action, delete it. If it’s really important, it’ll come back again.

What are your tips for hitting your goals? If you have an idea to share, jot it down in the comments below.

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