The RFCC World Tour arrived in Tucson on Thursday night. Friday morning was an epic ride up Mt. Lemmon with six members representing Austin, Chicago and Indy Squads. SAG support was key and Kendra Drake did a great job providing bottles and nutrition on the route. Post ride dinner was provided by none other than Mrs. Rollfast. Steak, potatoes, cauliflower, mushrooms, salad and of course multiple deserts! With full bellies, conversation was lively and laughs were loud.

Day 2 of camp took the club to Saguaro National Park East for a couple of rolling laps. The boys then headed South to Pistol Hill and then back up north for some coffees and post ride pastries. Cold plunges in the pool after the ride aided recovery and dinner was on point yet again with Mrs. Rollfast throwing down a salmon dinnner with salad and veggies.

Lots of photos have been posted on the team SmugMug, stay tunned for future updates from the RFCC World Tour!

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2020 World Tour Schedule

Clearwater Florida Camp

January 16 - January 20

Tucson Arizona Camp

February 6 - February 9

Trans Croatia

May 16 - May 23

Boulder Colorado Camp

June 25 - June 28

Chicago Illinois Camp

September 24 - September 27

Austin Texas Camp

May 28 - May 31