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Rollfast has been a dream of mine since 2008. Jumping in with both feet we created a cycling brand, clothing company, cycling club, event promotion company, community partner and non-profit foundation. It has been quite a journey!

When I created the Rollfast Cycling Club we were a bunch of buddies that had ridden together for years. Some guys came and went. Some moved out of state. But we always remained a tight knit group of friends. As the years marched on, our kit was getting recognized around the globe. On top of the Stelvio Pass in Italy a man asked one of my friends from Chicago “Hey ROLLFAST! Do you know Matt Tanner!?”. When I heard this story, I knew that the Rollfast Brand was powerful and attractive to riders of all disciplines and skill levels.

Today I have opened our exclusive brand and club to the public to be a part of something special. Now anyone, any skill level, any style of bike, both men and women can join the Rollfast Cycling Club. Our global vision is to welcome 500 members to Rollfast around the World, not simply in Indianapolis.

Club dues will be paid by online fundraising efforts (I’ve built a campaign tool for you to use!). Each member of the Club is responsible for raising $300 annually. This can be supplemented by yourself or entirely raised by friends and family. 100% of your fundraising goes into the Rollfast Foundation 501(c)3.

In addition to being part of the prestigious Rollfast Cycling Club, you can create your own “Squad” with 5 members in your area. Each Squad will have a custom badge on their jersey shoulder representing their area. Bringing Squads from around the World to the Rollfast International Gran Fondo will be an awesome convention!

Interested? Join us in taking over the World at Rollfast. Sign up is below.
Thank you for your continued support! Rockhard. Rollfast.

Matt Tanner
Founder, Rollfast

Rollfast Cycling Club

Since its inception in 2012 Rollfast has grown into a globally-recognized brand. From a cycling club and t-shirt company, to an economic development organization, a host to world-class cycling events, and a charitable foundation funding programs for hope and opportunity.

With one goal in mind – “get people rolling”, Rollfast has developed a rich history of growing the sport, promoting safe cycling, advocating cycling rights, providing opportunity for its team members to engage in helping others, and just as important, building community. Members come in all shapes, sizes, skill levels and abilities, we are a team and we love cycling. We are daily riders, weekend warriors, competitive cyclists, and commuters. What keeps us rolling is our enthusiasm for cycling, our health, camaraderie, and helping others.

Funding the Foundation

The Rollfast Cycling Club is one of our largest fundraising efforts and supports our community outreach programs. 100% of funds raised through membership goes directly to the Rollfast Foundation, a 501(c)3 public charitable organization. Membership is $300 annually.

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*Benefits may be added or removed at any time through amendments to the bylaws

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