Mental Fitness by Design

Matt Tanner on February 12, 2024

Today I saw a post in our clubs internal message board from a member that lives near Louisville KY. It really hit me and made me realize the impact our club has on people around the World by simply declaring we ride for “Mental Fitness“.

Even though I haven’t got to ride with Rick, we are teammates. We have the same beliefs and would pick up the line if the other was in need.

Check out his post below…

So, I went on a relatively short ride yesterday and when I was deciding on which kit to wear I ended up with the RFCC Decade kit on. Unless I’m riding with a specific group where I’d want to also wear something specific, what I have on usually is dictated by wherever my head is and what I don’t mind repping that day.

Here I am riding yesterday, and it crossed my mind that having on an RFCC kit is probably the most applicable thing to wear at most any ride, and very much because I would list riding my bike as a mental health choice as much as a physical one.

Yeah, it’s sort of funny to be wearing a jersey emblazoned with a bunch of names of people I’ve never met, and just the fact I’ve been far more of a lurker than a member who has contributed meaningfully beyond my belief in the mission. That aside, I had a moment where I was thankful for feeling like I wasn’t just being a rolling billboard for local business or whatever event I got the jersey at.

My name isn’t written on the jersey I have, but in a way it is. Just in how it’s more representative of what I’m out there turning the crank for than telling people XYZ business once had a relationship with XYZ cycling team. So much more of my “why” is built into that. It was a sort of feel good moment on the bike I thought was worth sharing on a Monday.

Rick Bonam

We have room for you at Rollfast too. If you are interested in joining the club, you can fill out the application, or email Matt for more information.

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