Rollfast hosts “Learn 2 Ride” program with Bike Carmel

Matt Tanner on June 19, 2023


Bike Carmel’s Learn 2 Ride Workshop Empowers Kids to Master Biking Without Training Wheels

Carmel, June 19, 2023 – Bike Carmel, a prominent organization dedicated to promoting cycling and bike education, hosted its highly anticipated Learn 2 Ride Workshop on June 16, 2023. The workshop proved to be an overwhelming success, with four young participants achieving the remarkable feat of riding confidently on two wheels within a mere two-hour session.

The Learn 2 Ride Workshop, conducted at Carmel Elementary School, embraced a unique and proven 4-step program to teach children how to ride a bike without the aid of training wheels. Led by the experienced and dedicated Coach Matt Tanner, the program focused on instilling balance, coordination, and confidence in young riders.

With their unwavering dedication and Coach Matt’s guidance, four out of the six participants successfully rode their bikes without training wheels by the end of the workshop. The transformative experience left the children brimming with pride and excitement as they unlocked the freedom and independence that cycling provides.

Parent testimonials underscored the exceptional impact of the Learn 2 Ride Workshop. Mrs. Whitney Gray expressed, “Being older, Ricky has tried several times and never been successful. Watching him go through that process with Coach Matt today was so cool! I’d recommend this to ANYONE that needs to learn.” Linda Rasia Dani shared, “It exceeded my expectations, and it was a wonderful experience that reinforced the security of all the participants.”

Bike Carmel extends its sincere gratitude to Rollfast and all the participants, parents, and supporters who made this workshop a resounding success. The organization remains committed to providing transformative learning experiences that empower children to ride with confidence, joy, and a deep appreciation for the lifelong adventure of cycling.

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