It’s almost Fondo Time!!

Matt Tanner on September 4, 2018

A quick message from Matt

We are fast approaching another sold out Rollfast Gran Fondo. The next few weeks are hectic to say the least at Rollfast headquarters. We have shipments of wristbands, medals, pint glasses, bib numbers all arriving. There was a crew of painters out on the streets marking the courses yesterday and today for 16 hours (and discovering new construction along the way!). Logistics are being planned for picking up truck loads of BEER from Sun King. Over 60 volunteers are being assigned tasks by coordinators and project managers. City officials are working with our team to finish up some last minute road work. The Mayor of Carmel has blessed our event with a welcome to the riders. Maybe I’m rambling on too much here… So many things have to come together to make this day happen.

Consider this a preemptive THANK YOU to the riders, volunteers, my wife and the Rollfast squad that lift so much of the load.

That said, here are some quick links to important details about the upcoming Rollfast Gran Fondo. If you have additional questions, please reach out to us via email and we’ll answer you as fast as we can!

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