Gran Fondo World Tour Announces North American Destinations

Matt Tanner on February 15, 2018

Three Gran Fondo’s in North America gives cyclists, both men and women, a shot at the overall ranking and the chance to win $36,000 USD in cash prizes

Andorra, February 14th 2018 – The Gran Fondo World Tour® Series has released details of three Gran Fondo’s taking place in North America.

With these three events, it fully opens the door for North American cyclists to compete for the final overall prizes, worth $36,000 US dollars, one of the largest prize pots for amateur cyclists in the world.

The cash prizes are split equally between men and women and each will receive $10,000 USD (1st place), $4,000 USD (2nd place) and $2,000 USD (3rd place) respectively in the final overall rankings.

The overall men’s and women’s winners will also earn their right to wear the Men’s Gran Fondo World Champion® Yellow Jersey and the Women’s Gran Fondo World Champion® Pink Jersey.

Participants accumulate points for completing or finishing in the best time, at any of the participating events worldwide. For the final overall rankings, it’s the best results from at least three events. By taking part in just one event a rider will be included in the rankings.

2018 GFWT North American Calendar
March 24, 2018 – Saddleback Spring Gran Fondo
August 5, 2018 – Bluewater International Gran Fondo
September 16, 2018 – Rollfast International Gran Fondo

It’s important to note the Saddleback Spring Gran Fondo (100 miles) in California and the Bluewater International Gran Fondo (93 miles) in Ontario are non-competitive events. This means that they will provide the same points for all Gran Fondo distance finishers of 1,000 points. By completing in both Gran Fondo distances in these events competitors can reach 2,000 points.

It is the Rollfast International Gran Fondo in Indiana, “the fastest Gran Fondo in the world”, which is the competitive distance where you can compete for 1,000 points, giving North American cyclists the opportunity to step onto the Gran Fondo World Tour® podium.

The only other event in the series where more points are on offer is the Styrkeproven in Norway where 1,100 points are available in the 335 mile (540 km) ultra Gran Fondo distance.

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