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Matt Tanner on May 7, 2024


Rollfast Cycling Club Conquers Chattanooga: Recap from Hincapie Gran Fondo

Carmel, IN – May 7, 2024

The Rollfast Cycling Club recently embarked on an exhilarating journey to Chattanooga, Tennessee, culminating in a memorable weekend at the Hincapie Gran Fondo Chattanooga. Led by a group of dedicated riders, including Aeron Barhorst, Brian Jackson, Brooke Elmore, Claudia Silvis, Jim Silvis, Joel Rietveld, Josh Drake, and Matt Breeden, the club embraced the challenges and triumphs of the iconic cycling event.

The adventure kicked off on Thursday with the squad’s arrival in Chattanooga and a shakeout ride on the Ironman course. Despite the bustling traffic and welcoming honks, Claudia Silvis showcased her prowess by winning all of the town sprints on the way home, marking her longest ride to date.

Friday saw the group tackling the Medio course, reminiscent of their previous year’s endeavor. Despite damp roads, the riders stayed dry and rode together as a cohesive unit, regrouping at the summit of climbs, fostering a sense of unity throughout the day.

Saturday dawned with a downpour, prompting deliberation over whether to brave the elements. Ultimately, the decision was made to embrace the challenge, with Josh Drake, Joel Rietveld, Aeron Barhorst, and Matt Breeden taking on the Gran course, while the rest opted for the Medio.

On the Gran course, the group set off at the front to navigate the rain-slicked roads cautiously. The camaraderie was evident as they tackled the Suck Creek climb together, with Drake leading the charge. Despite separating briefly on the ultra-steep climbs, the group regrouped and pressed on together.

Highlights of the day included a friendly rivalry with e-bikers on the final stair-step climb, where Drake’s competitive spirit propelled him ahead of his companions. Nevertheless, the Rollfast riders rallied together for a memorable finish, crossing the red carpet together for a photo-op, epitomizing the spirit of unity and determination.

A special shoutout goes to Josh Drake for organizing accommodations and dinner reservations, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for the entire team. From the impeccable AirBNB to the expert coordination by “Julie the Cruise Director,” every detail was meticulously planned, contributing to the success of the trip.

As the Rollfast Cycling Club reflects on their Chattanooga adventure, they carry with them cherished memories, enduring unity, and the satisfaction of conquering new challenges together.

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