Brevard NC Camp Report

Matt Tanner on March 20, 2023

We just returned home from a great camp in Brevard, North Carolina! 

We had some epic rides, a little well timed rain, a lot of great food, and best of all built on the relationships that keep this club unique.

This year at camp we had some first timers join us! Matt Breeden, Chris Cox, and Scot Sullivan experienced their first ever Rollfast camp!

On the first night, Josh Drake welcomed them to camp with a Rapha hat as a gift. This is a very new to me tradition for the rookies as we usually make them hand wash our dirty kit – but I think it was a great show by the human resources department.

Day one was a long climb that we did in groups followed by a little more climbing at the top along the Blue Ridge Parkway (BRP).

Day One Strava

On day two, we tackled a route we did last year only in reverse. Solid move as we climbed through the tunnels and discovered ice from mountain runoff! 

Day Two Strava

With two days of LOTS of climbing in the legs, we were all ready for a rest day and the rain timed it perfectly. We watched lots of basketball and Mike Krug did an adventure of his own that is best told over a Thirsty Thursday.

Saturday, many had to get home for work and family, so we opted for a 40mi “flat route”. It was cold, but we rode early to get back to the house and pack up a night early.

Last Ride Strava

I think everybody had a great time at this camp and Matt Breeden put a great message on Slack when we got home…

Looking Glass Falls

Back in Indy and reflecting a bit on the last week in Brevard. The thing that was abundantly clear, if it wasn’t already, is that this group legitimately cares about each other.

It’s one thing to talk about riding as a group and looking out for others, but you guys are a step above. It’s not just about keeping the group together on the ride and being safe; it’s thinking about everyone’s overall well being on and off the bike.

The way Rollfast does that while still being very competitive with each other is unique and really resonates with me.

I remember @Mike Krug and @John Robinson trying to explain this very concept to me last summer, but it’s really the kind of thing you’ve got to experience.

Being a new member and this being my first camp, I was much more of a bib than an apron, to borrow an idiom from @Josh Drake, as I try to learn, understand and respect how things operate.

So, thanks to everyone for making it an outstanding first Rollfast camp and making me feel welcome.

Matt Breeden

We also captured some photos on the trip and I have posted them on the Rollfast photo share:
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