Beyond Coaching

Matt Tanner on March 9, 2018

I just finished a 64 minute call with my coach. Yeah, it’s Tom Danielson. He’s a former professional cyclist and all the things you would expect when looking for somebody to take you to the next level of fitness on the bike. That’s the stuff that many others can assist with at some level.

Why am I writing this blog post? Well there is something special about working with Cinch Coaching and something special about Tom. We talked for about 10 minutes about my upcoming workouts and what I did the last few days. Then he wanted to hear about my trip to Spain, the ups and downs, overcoming challenges. He got so animated when I told him about smashing Tiede on a bike I didn’t own that didn’t fit me well. I love that about him.

All of this seems like a normal coach/athlete relationship. But that isn’t Tom. The next 45 minutes we talked about each other’s intimate life details. Kids, business, stress… real life shit. It got so real. Tom is one of my biggest support systems. Then he asked about Chris, my ultimate support system. Tom will call you out on things you can improve and will always make you grateful for the things you have.

After he assessed my stress level and got caught up on my “off the bike” stuff, he asked about the team and our upcoming training camp. He wanted to know the fitness level and goals of each person on the trip, the routes and what I wanted to accomplish so he could customize my plan for next week and let me lead a camp that everybody left feeling a sense of accomplishment.

Cinch Cycling is next level. This is why we partnered with Tom and his staff. If you currently work with a coach and this isn’t your typical Friday afternoon conversation maybe you are missing out?

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