2022 8×8 Ride Report

Matt Tanner on April 11, 2022

Wow. Another year in the books and the day couldn’t have been better! Each year at the park, I’m standing around impressed by all the riders that are able to complete this challenge. The park is such a physically demanding course, there just isn’t a way to take it easy on the route. Amazing job if you finished 1 or 8 laps. You have my respect!

How about the weather!? I know it was cold at the start, but if you’ve been down here the years it rained, yesterday was about perfect! Thank you mother nature!

Thank you to all our volunteers that helped with the heavy lifting getting this event going. Doing this by myself isn’t an option! 🙂

Thanks to our sponsors, R-Bar Energy and Boone Farms for keeping the riders fueled and bellies warm at the finish.

Thank you to the Parks Department who is very generous to allow us to add 100 relatively slow vehicles to the traffic pattern of the park.

Finally, THANK YOU RIDERS for coming out yesterday and riding with us. I hope you had a great day!!

Boone Farms

How about those sandwiches after the ride!?!

Chris and I buy all of our meat at their farm. Sometimes we grab eggs, honey and other food too.

You can text the “Boone Girls” to schedule a pick up at: 463-248-0656


Tell them the Tanners sent ya!

R-Bar Energy

Did you get to try the R-Bar’s in the rest area? If you like them, I can help you with a little discount!

They are available online at:

– enter the code ROLLFAST20 at checkout and save 20%!


Results for the 8×8 and 4×8 have been posted! Thank you Quinn for helping us with the timing yesterday! If you see any issues with your result, just drop an email to quinn@trinitytiming.com and we’ll get it sorted out.

Results at:

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