U-20 Drink Mix is fueling my ride

Matt Tanner on February 3, 2021

I wanted to share my story with the success I’m having with a new product that hit the market just a few months ago.

It’s a supplement called UMinus20 (U-20).  It helps with a number of different symptoms from low energy to high cholesterol, but for me, it was the key to getting me acclimated to racing in high temperatures and keeping me fueled for training and racing in a fasted state. Full disclosure, my wife invented the product and I was one of her guinea pigs as we tried different formulas for over a year.


After concluding a clinical trial in November 2019, these benefits were discovered:

Reduces Bloating
Loss of Belly Fat
Increases Metabolism
Resets Weight
Supports Muscle Recovery

Boosts Energy
Improves Mood
Reduces Anxiety
Supports Heat Acclimation
Regulates Body Temperature
Eliminates Heartburn
Supports Gut Health
Restores Sleep

Supports HRT
Eliminates GERD
Supports Optimal Health
Reduces Blood Pressure
Relieves Allergies
Lowers Cholesterol
Relieves Eczema
Eliminates PMS Symptoms
Does NOT Interfere with Medications


My Results:

After taking U-20, I noticed improvements in Heat Acclimation, REM Sleep, Fat Loss and More Energy.

These results have helped me become a better cyclist. In 2019 U-20 helped me reach new levels of fitness and produced the best race results of my life. Check out the videos below for my complete interview.

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