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Matt Tanner on March 6, 2024

Each Spring our club holds several training camps. Each camp creates the opportunity for members from all around the Country to come together for camaraderie.

Last week we returned to Tucson Arizona. We had several “OG” members as well as a few “first-timers”. The end result was bonding with new friends. Sharing rides in great weather. Laughing at dinner talking about the ride.

I asked our members to share some stories from camp and Matt Breeden sent me a recap that was worthy of copy and pasting here:

Tanner – Badass PR on Lemmon. Puts him in the top 3% all-time on Lemmon.

Drake – Also set a Lemmon PR with a perfectly consistent effort, after trying to mate with several species of cacti at 35mph. Airbnb choice was gold.

JD – Patriarch for the week. Ripped it up Lemmon, did the grocery shopping before we got there, cooked breakfast and saved me with 3 very timely gels.

Sully – Crushed it on Windy Point. Strongest ride to date with Rollfast.

Nemeth – Despite a tough travel schedule, lived up to the “Leg” Nemeth nickname and rode strong as ever.

Robinson – Shared his 90pt vino and rocked the fashion at dinner.

Preston – Put in 2 big weeks of training and showed exactly how the CINCH approach can develop a cyclist.

Rutan – Channeled his inner Goggins to finish the 80mi Oro Valley loop on minimal training. A+ roommate

Phil – Always up for bonus miles and significantly improved fitness over Austin. A+ roommate.

Dan – Put up with plenty of smack-talk as the new guy and rode strong despite less than 100 miles YTD.

Breeden – Rode 340miles, 21,000ft of vert and gained 5lbs… WTF LOL!

Off the bike highlights:
• Post ride pool & hot tub
• Evel Knievel toy stunts
• Strays movie
• Drake’s Cactus Mating and miraculous escape without significant injury to himself or his bike.
• Le Buzz meetups

Matt Breeden

At our club camps, we make it a priority to lift each other up. To make sure the “weakest” rider has a great ride, and to always help each other with the challenges life presents.

If these camps sound like something you want to be a part of, maybe you should join the club? More at

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