Off Season Gains

Matt Tanner on January 4, 2021

SECRET #4 – Off Season Gains

Training indoors is a reality for most of us right now. It’s convenient, resourceful, and can be very effective.

Here are three things you can focus on to get more out of your indoor sessions.

1. Keep it specific.
Start with clear objectives and efforts that support them. Use the reduction of distractions with riding indoors to better execute what you need to work on.

2. Focus more on technique than power.
Yes, everyone is obsessed with power, but use power only as an input to define your effort level. Once you start your effort, switch all focus to technique. Work on power control using your up and downstroke. Work on your standing and seated technique. And most of all, work on your transitions between cadence, power zones, and body position.

3. Build your mental skills.
Indoor training is amazing for this. It’s just you and your thoughts on that trainer. Work on being proactive with your mindsets. Control your thoughts and practice putting thoughts to overcoming adversity before you are under pressure. Overcome all the excuses you tell yourself. Overcome all the self-doubt. While indoor training breaks so many people mentally, use the difficulty of it to give you an advantage over others and your previous self.