Climbing Technique

Matt Tanner on January 4, 2021

SECRET #2 – Alberto Contador’s Standing Technique

If you want to improve your climbing, improve your standing technique!

Alberto Contador was one of the best climbers the sport has ever seen. While many believe his power to weight ratio was the reason, his standing technique was one of the key things that separated him from the rest.

Here are five climbing standing techniques Contador uses that will help you take your climbing to the next level.

1. Thumbs up and forward for control and maximum stability for power leverage.
2. Chest low and chin in front of front hub to support body weight on triceps.
3. Elbow in on downstroke to lock core for full power transfer.
4. Heels up as to snap up on the upstroke.
5. Shift the bike to the opposite side of the downstroke as he drops bodyweight into the downstroke.

To see these techniques in action, watch the video below – then contact me and let’s start coaching to learn more of the pro’s secrets!