Gran Fondo World Tour Announces 2019 Schedule, Names Rollfast World Championship Race

Matt Tanner on February 1, 2019

7 New Destinations for the 2019 Gran Fondo World Tour ® Series

The Gran Fondo World Tour ® is expanding with new destinations in North America, Europe and Asia, plus a World Wide Partnership with app Ride with GPS
The Gran Fondo World Tour ® is excited to announce a huge global expansion of its series calendar in 2019.
Starting, with one new destination in North America, the Prospera Valley Gran Fondo. There are four new events in Europe which include the Gran Fondo Nice-Côte d’Azur, Epic Gran Canaria, Gran Fondo Firenze and the Cyclotour du Léman. There is one new destination in Asia, the Gran Fondo Silk Road, plus a new world wide event partnership named Gran Fondo World ® by Ride with GPS.

The overall cash prize money will again be $36,000 USD, and will be extended to award the top 5 men and women overall. Participants will need to complete at least 3 events to be eligible for the overall cash prizes. This is to support the growth of participation in series events and help support the growth of international participation too.

New U.S. Gran Fondo World Championship

The new Gran Fondo World Championship ® One Day race, will have overall cash prizes of $3,000 USD for the overall winners, and the destination for 2019 will be Rollfast Gran Fondo in Carmel, Indiana, USA. The Rollfast Gran Fondo is part world tour series, so points will count for the final overall series ranking.

New Global Gran Fondo World ® by Ride with GPS Challenge

The new virtual Gran Fondo World ® presented by Ride with GPS is a new challenge for 2019. All riders who join and ride 100 or 50 miles in the weekend of February 22-23, 2019 will receive 100 or 50 bonus points. Look for more information soon sent out by Gran Fondo World Tour.
Gran Fondo World Tour is using Ride with GPS as the official event planning software and will be using their advanced route planning and event management software for all route planning and development.

2019 Gran Fondo World Tour ® Series Calendar

The 2019 series represents the widest calendar in Gran Fondo Series to date that will attract a global participation of around 50,000 participants, with events across more than 20 countries worldwide.

23-24 – Gran Fondo World ® by Ride with GPS (worldwide) – NEW DESTINATION
16 – Saddleback Gran Fondo (California, USA)
31 – Gran Fondo Nice-Côte d’Azur (France) NEW DESTINATION
5-7 – Epic Gran Canaria (Canary Islands, Spain) – NEW DESTINATION
15 – Gran Fondo Firenze (Italy) – NEW DESTINATION
19 – Cyclotour du Léman (Léman, Switzerland)
25 – Giant Seorak Gran Fondo (South Korea)
2 – Continental Ciclobrava Sea Otter Europe (Girona, Spain)
9 – Tour of Zhetysu – Gran Fondo Kazakhstan
22-23 – Styrkeproven (Norway)
12-14 – Trilogy de Mauriene (French Alps)
20 – Prospera Valley Gran Fondo (BC, Canada) – NEW DESTINATION
4 – Blue Water International Gran Fondo (Canada)
7-8 – Gran Fondo Silk Road (Uzbekistan-Kazakhstan) – NEW DESTINATION
15 – Rollfast Gran Fondo (USA) Gran Fondo World Championship
20 – Tsogo Sun Amashova Durban Classic (South Africa) – SERIES FINALE

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