The Sub4 Challenge has created quite a fast event! In order to maintain a high level of safety, we have introduced a qualification system.  We place cyclists in corrals to start with cyclists in their time range. The new Primo start corral enables the fastest riders to start out front and move ahead with minimal congestion.


  • Finish a qualifying Rollfast event
    • Rollfast Fondo under 5 hours
    • Rollfast 8×8 Challenge (8 laps)
  • Hold a current USA Cycling or UCI professional, Cat 1 or 2 ROAD racing license
  • Log 500 hours or 10,000 miles on Strava in 2018


Passes are required for entry into the corral, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Passes must be picked up in person with identification. Passes will be picked up at the required rider meeting on Saturday during the pre-party event (details to follow).

The corral will close 15 minutes before start of Fondo.

Register for the Fondo!