Eric Allen

Serial Entrepreneur | 2016 Indiana Cat 4 State RR Runner Up looking to become World Champ . NCAA Football All-American @ Indiana University & Former NFL Defensive Back.

David Arnold
David is a newbie to the Rollfast crew who is committed to making a difference. He is a multisport athlete specializing in duathlons. David is also a Rollfast Foundation board member.
Kayla Arnold
She likes to run, bike, and then run again... but mostly just bike. Wife of "Arnezzy". She works in government and Leslie Knope is her hero.
Craig Burow

Lifelong cyclist who completed first sub 4 at Rollfast 2019. A Navy Submarine Veteran who is always up for a ride including the numerous times wild animals wanted to share the road.

Aaron Bobinsky

David Clark
David was new to Rollfast in 2017. He turned to cycling in 2015 after a long layoff from running, lost 30 pounds, and began competing in cycling in 2017. After graduating, he got married, had kids, and then competed in several duathlons before taking his long sabbatical from anything athletic.
James Clary

James is an OG Rollfast member who started out in triathlons and then transitioned to road racing. He achieved numerous podiums and several wins before his separated shoulder told him to retire from racing.

Mitch Danner

Retired Army Aviator. Been a competitive cyclist since 2009.

Alex Dantin

Data-wrangler and nerd. Late-comer to cycling. Will mix margaritas for more watts.

Jay Dunbar
"Bad Ticker"

Jay has been riding with the Rollfast crew since it's inception. A key member that's dedication goes beyond the bike.

Josh Drake
Skylar Ervin

I'm a former college wrestler and an army infantry veteran who after a few serious career ending injuries.. hamstring, bulging discs.. and etc. Discovered cycling by mistake. I started with a comfort bike, just riding for utility and fun and have since moved onto a road bike and am about to start racing at the velodrome.

Andrea Fagan

She is a lifelong recreational cyclist who provides race support for Bruce and son Doug, a Cat 1 racer. She is a charter member of Rollfast and has ridden in every Fondo. She has served the competitive cycling community as a board member of InKy Cycling Association and youth cycling as chairwoman of the Nine13 Sports board. She is director of marketing for Indiana Blood Center.

Bruce Fagan

Bruce has been a competitive road and crit cyclist since his teen years who now races (occasionally) as a Master and rides recreationally all the time. He has ridden in every Rollfast Fondo and is a charter member of the club. He is a land development project manager for Arbor Homes.

David Fouts

Dave is a great team player. He always comes in clutch driving the sag vehicles at the Gran Fondo. He will even fix your bike if you ask nicely!

Grant Goldman

Grant joined Rollfast in 2013 after participating in races and group rides with the RF crew and a recommendation from Zeke. Having enjoyed a successful career of winning CAT4 crits and time trials, it has been 'about time to CAT up' for GG for several seasons. Now leaning toward racing retirement, GG has enjoyed rolling the Fondo 'sub 4', dragging his wrestler-build up real hills at training camp, and reflecting on the time that E beat him in the Fishers Road Race.

Kyle Goris
"The Big Ticket"
Been pedaling the bike since he was just a wee ol' boy at 13 years old. Competitive racer for about 10 years now.
Charles Hall
Tom Holt

I have been riding bikes for longer than I care to admit, since getting addicted in college and almost failing out of school. I love the friendly competition and the camaraderie of the sport. Huntsville brought a team of 8 to the Rollfast in 2019, with 4 of us going 3:46. We hope to start a new Rollfast chapter in the Huntsville region, which has a surprisingly strong cycling contingent.

Ryan Hermann

Grew up MTB and BMXing in Arizona, but recently started cycling. Got my first bike in June, 2010 Giant Defy Advanced 3(stock). Just rode in my first race, the 2019 Rollfast Gran Fondo! Super loving the sport and looking forward to progressing and getting better and better! Previous sports include soccer, basketball, and lots of baseball, and Long Drive (golfing event).

Steve Hershberger
Hersh is a competitive road, time trial and gravel racer who loves a good chase and a good sprint but at 6'4" and 199 lbs, not necessarily a good climb. When he isn't on his bike, he runs a beverage analytics firm and a brewery.

Rob is a CAT 3 and OG member of Rollfast dating back to 2012. After a road and crit career that could be summed up by the words "finished in 4th place", he now specializes in time trials, and has won several age group state championships. His bike often falls apart on race day.

Alan Holt
"Big Al"
Alan is a Rollfast newbie who took up cycling about 5 years ago with some encouragement from some friends. He got more serious about training last year and completed his first Rollfast Gran Fondo in a time of 4:20.
Brian Jackson
"Alabama Brian"

First things first, Brian is an Austinite and Texan! He's raced off and on since 2004, mainly crits. Three time state champion in Alabama, but now lives back in Austin where he is president of the Austin Rollfast Chapter. Sub4 finisher in the 2017 Rollfast Gran Fondo.

Gene James
"Sticky Gene"

Phil Jones

Endurance athlete that is still learning after 3 decades of aerobic activities. Phil once participated in a Milwaukee Brewers tryout camp at the age of 15. His favorite motto is “It is better to die on your feet than live on your knees.”

Joe Locke
Kevin McGee

Freedom for me is outside. Cycling is a means to achieve this freedom. I'm a mediocre rider with an love for cycling, especially the Spring Classics! I was hooked in the 1980's and have never stopped watching the sport. Lemond is my hero! My goal is to enjoy a ride and be an ambassador for those around me.

Tim Mally

He is a former chef turned bicycle mechanic and masters cyclocross racer. Part of the long leg club (with Spencer and Jay). He once had hot oil spilled all over his hand at a cyclocross race, but that didn't stop him from frying more chicken!

Marlin Meyer

Marlin is our oldest member on the team. He may have us beat on years, but he can still pedal with the best of them!

Spencer Miller

Spencer joined Rollfast at the age of 14. At a buck twenty, his power to weight makes him an incredible climber, but his experience growing up in the flats of Indiana has trained him to be an excellent pack rider.

Scott Moon

John Ortiz

After a wakeup call in 2012, I started cycling as a way to get healthy. Who knew that cycling would become my passion (addiction). At 60 years of age, I'm in the best shape of my life, have an awesome group of homies that I call family, and am loving life. Cycling is the best sport on planet earth!

Brian Robinson
"Infinity Brian"

Brian is a longtime member of Rollfast. When he's not riding, he's ripping around on two legs running faster than most of us can ride our bikes! Spencer Miller's number one fan.

Jacob Robinson

Husband to Rachel Loudd-Robinson, father to Lambeau the Great Dane, Football evaluator, former collegiate cyclist, current Hincapie brand Ambassador.

John Robinson

John started racing in 2013 and found his niche as an ultra-distance cyclist and in climbing. Competing (almost exclusively self-supported) in 12-hour events, 200-mile races, and in single events with thousands of feet of climbing.

James Rutan

Former competitive collegiate cyclist, now engineer and entrepreneur.

Jim Smeltzer
"Sasquatch Hunter"

I'm a dedicated roadie who logged over 10k miles a year for the past three years. I also dabbed in some gravel events. My favorite past time is chasing Sasquatch's on my ride. Check my Instagram and you'll understand. @jim_smeltzer and @cyclingforsasquatch

Matt Stolle

A former Elite National Champion and multiple State Champion on the track (but still likes the challenges of the Road).

Stephen Strayer

Stephen is an ultra distance racer and 3 time sub-4 finisher at the Rollfast Gran Fondo. He is now focusing on 12 hour and 24 hour races. Occasionally plays domestique for Bob "Bobke" Roll (see picture). He leads the Boulder Rollfast Chapter.

Chris Tanner
"Mrs. Rollfast"

Never liked cyclists until I fell in love with one. Dove into the sport and found out cyclists are pretty awesome. I only ride my bike wearing cute clothes. #flatpedallife

Matt Tanner

Matt has been a competitive cyclist since 1996. He specializes in training, smashing group rides, gran fondos, racing TT's, and riding abroad. He's a Campagnolo guy and if you offer him a double cappuccino it better not be in a paper cup.