RFCC Events

TT Games

Our traditional club training camp is moving north (just a little) this year to Asheville NC!

8×8 Challenge

April 19 @ 8:00 am - 4:00 pm UTC-5

Session 1

May 7 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm UTC-5

An underground TT Series during the week. Play the game of the night and take home the kitty!

Trans Croatia

May 16 - May 23

Dramatic mountain landscapes, one of the most epic climbs in Europe and crystal-clear turquoise seascapes - Croatia’s Adriatic Coast sets an astoundingly beautiful scene for our latest VIP destination.

– A weeknight series that is a timed event through a Strava segment
– The series is not sanctioned or an official race
– There are no categories or divisions
– Riders recognize this is a “ride at your own risk” ride
– TT bikes encouraged, but absolutely not required
– The course (approximately 13k) will remain the same through the series
– Riders compete in a random “Game” each week

Process and Rules
– Meet up at Grand Junction Brewery (GJB)
– Riders sign up by putting money ($10 per race) in a Venmo “kitty”
– Half of the “kitty” will be prize money each night, the remaining will go to RFCC
– After completing your race, cool down and regroup at GJB for beers!
– Riders start in 1min intervals
– Start order is determined by first to pay on Venmo
– No drafting (honor system)

Each night will have a game or race type randomly drawn announced at the GJB

  1. “ALL OUT”  Rider with the fastest time wins 
  2. “MIP” Most improved player time wins (must have raced a previous race)
  3. “3 WAY” Top  3 rider times split (split 50/30/20)
  4. “DOUBLE UP” 2 randomly drawn names combine times, fastest combined time wins
  5. “NEGATIVE SPLIT” Fastest overall time wins, BUT you subtract the difference in time on the second half of the course from your overall time

Payout and Winners
– Results will be posted on Rollfast website the night of the race
– Venmo transfer will be sent to the winner the night of the race
A Strava Segment KOM trumps all game results

Want to Play?
Text ROLLFAST GAMES to 484848 and we’ll add you to the text notification list

2020 RFCC World Tour


Taking the club on the road for 2020. We’ll travel the United States visiting all the Rollfast Chapters and places that are ride friendly throughout the year.


We want to focus on building relationships with members of the club. Ride together. Explore new areas together. Show the world why our club is so badass.


Each trip will be planned months in advance. Most trips will be long weekend trips (4-5 days). The locations will be spouse friendly. We’ll plan morning rides and then the rest of the day is up to you to either explore with your spouse or make plans with teammates. Travel and lodging will be on each member to plan logistics and funding, but we’ll communicate where the “team base” is in advance.

Want to join the World Tour?
First join the club!