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Why does the Foundation focus on Mental Health?2019-01-16T14:51:08-05:00

Mrs. Rollfast, Chris Burd Tanner, is a suicide survivor. Her late husband died by suicide in 2009. While we can never know what other people are going through, the demographic that connects with Rollfast is a high risk group. Meaning, they are typically high earners with high stress in their life. We want to do all we can to connect and bring complete wellness to everybody we meet.

What is a Rollfast “OG” or “ROG”?2019-01-15T11:39:55-05:00

A Rollfast OG is a designation given to club members that have proven invaluable to the Rollfast brand. OG’s have been with the club since its inception in 2012 or have made an impact through time and efforts growing the recognition of the brand and the values the Rollfast Foundation represents.

ROG’s are permitted to wear a special jersey that displays the ROG logo on a bright red sleeve. These riders are shown respect and are expected to behave as leaders when on the road or at club events.

Why is it $300 to join your club?2019-01-15T11:36:57-05:00

We are passionate about the Rollfast Foundation. 100% of your dues are used by our Foundation to help close the gaps in mainstream youth sports as well as suicide prevention. By utilizing our network of club riders, we not only help spread the word of our mission, we are enabled to create impactful programs.

I already belong to a club. Can I join Rollfast too?2018-05-24T07:16:24-05:00

Absolutely. We take all riders that believe in our mission and the work we are doing! It IS possible to represent multiple clubs and causes!

What is a “SQUAD”?2020-05-26T13:50:24-05:00

A squad is a group of 5 or more RFCC riders living in the same community. Squads members wear a custom jersey with their squad crest on the sleeve.

Currently we have SQUADs in Austin Texas, Boulder Colorado, Chicago Illinois, Huntsville Alabama, and Indianapolis Indiana.

How do I communicate with club members around the world?2018-05-24T07:16:24-05:00

We use Slack as a team communication tool. There is a mobile app as well as website so you can plug into the Rollfast community. Slack enables us to create channels for Squads, so if you just want to chat with your Squad about the local group ride, no problem! Announcements will be fed through Slack from the Executive Committee as well as through club email newsletters.

Where can I learn about club activities?2018-05-24T07:16:23-05:00

Stay plugged into our calendar on the Rollfast website (Calendar). We’ll be adding club events and rides there and you’ll be able to filter them down to the club and even Squads as events are scheduled.

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