Greenville South Carolina

Travelers Rest, South Carolina Travelers Rest

Trip Information We will be staying as a group at the cabin and due to limited sleeping accommodations, it will be men only. If you would like to bring your family on this trip, you'll need to arrange lodging in the area and meet us for rides in the morning. Cabin Info: Due [...]

8×8 Challenge

Brown County State Park 1810 State Road 46 East, Nashville


Coxhall Gardens 11677 Towne Rd, Carmel

DaveFast In memory of our beloved friend David Fouts, we'll relive the Rollfast Gran Fondo route in his honor. This is a friendly group ride, there is no support or organized traffic control or rest stops. The ride is free, and open to the public. Donations to the Rollfast Foundation can be made [...]


Carmel Indiana Carmel

Dare to ride 200 miles in one day? Phil Jones did it solo in 2020 in protest of Covid19 and all that 2020 brought with it! We are making it into an annual event with route that is self supported and rest stops on the road. Bring your nutrition and hang on there is [...]