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A fundraising dinner banquet hosted by the Rollfast Foundation to raise awarness of mental illness.

Suicide is devastating and its effects on family and loved ones can be severe and far-reaching. Those left behind by suicide are often known as suicide survivors and while this is a very difficult position in which to find oneself, it also offers an opportunity to help other survivors, as well as, bring about a unique perspective in helping to bring about greater public awareness.

Because of the stigma that still exists about mental illness, many people who need help do not seek it and try to live their lives with untreated mental health issues, like depression, by hiding their emotions, feelings, and problems. An even greater matter that of family and loved ones of those suffering not knowing the signs to watch for, what to do when they see or hear them, and in some cases, avoiding the issue altogether.

Depression and suicide has impacted the life and family of its founder, Chris Tanner, whose husband of 23 years took his own life in 2009. With a deep passion to help others before this tragedy strikes, The Roll Out of Darkness program will work to provide a greater awareness to remove the stigma, and to educate others of this growing issue in our community.

Help and prevention starts with those closest to those in need, and the Rollfast Foundation’s goal for this program is to help fund local educational, awareness, and advocacy programs.

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