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Have a Stress Free Thanksgiving

Ah yes... 2020 has been a ride, and at every turn, you think it's going to get back to normal. But wait!? Thanksgiving is coming? Let's just ramp up the COVID a little to keep everyone on their toes! So, with all the unknowns on travel restrictions, masks, and group gatherings how can we [...]

Simplify Your Life

I met my wife Chris in 2011. She was a busy woman with 4 kids running an auto dealership with nearly 100 employees. I had a young son and was working at a technology firm in Carmel Indiana managing several large projects. We fell in love as soon as we met and there wasn't [...]

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S.A.D. – working through seasonal depression

Growing up in Indiana I remember enjoying four seasons each year. Spring has memories of lots of flowers, rain and allergies. Summer we would spend at the local pool trying to flex for the girls by doing flips on the diving board. Fall was always cooler with bright colorful leaves and bowls of my [...]

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My Story – Jim Parker

I do not consider myself a “joiner”. I’m an introvert, so I really like my alone time because it is how I recharge my batteries, my essential daily self care. A couple of months ago, Phillip Jones approached me via text to ask if I would be interested in joining a cycling club. I [...]

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TT Games, Session One is a GO!

We are happy to announce that with the updated Stage 2 mandates from Governor Holcomb we will hold the first ever Rollfast TT Game on Thursday, May 7th. The game will enforce social distancing at the rider meeting beginning promptly at 6pm in the Westfield Cyclesport parking lot. The TT Games are designed to [...]

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ZOOM Meeting for TT Games

We will be hosting a ZOOM Meeting on Friday, March 27 at 2pm. During the meeting we'll do a presentation of the TT GAMES concept, process and rules. The presentation will be followed by an open Q&A session. To participate, just download the ZOOM app in advance of the meeting and tune in at [...]

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A message from Matt Tanner

Dear friends, partners and RFCC, The last few weeks have escalated quite quickly with the COVID-19 virus leaving us all uncertain what the future looks like. After much discussion, research, listening and soul searching, we have decided to cancel the 2020 Rollfast 8x8 Challenge and the RFCC World Tour Asheville trip. Riders that are [...]

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