Episode 4 of The Chosen Path is about finding purpose.  Sometimes you have to go through what you think is the worst thing in order to find the best thing.

In Episode 4, we are fortunate to talk to Tom Danielson, former World Tour Pro Cyclist.  Tom was a member of the Discovery cycling team during the era of Lance Armstrong.  He saw from the front lines the negative impact that doping had on the sport and unfortunately the day before the start of a major stage race, Tom was flagged with a positive test which resulted from an approved supplement that was tainted.  Which ended his professional cycling career.

After the news broke, Tom received a firestorm of criticism, which was overwhelming and difficult to bear. However, rather than make excuses or lash back, he decided to instead find his true purpose. With a fresh perspective, Tom found a new outcome in the form of CINCH cycling. 

One of the mantras Tom developed and he uses in his training, ends with the line “when I find myself struggling, I replace my feeling of suffering with my passion for overcoming.”

So he stood up, dusted himself off and began the process of overcoming.  He has coached and inspired individuals ranging from some of the top emerging pros and amateur riders to individuals struggling with personal adversities ranging from depression to cancer.  This year, one of the CINCH Elite riders took first place in two of the most difficult and preeminent endurance cycling races in the U.S.. relying on the CINCH process and mindset to persevere and perform.

In this episode Tom talks about purpose, perspective and outcomes and how often people are living in a pattern that consistently falls short of their goals, dreams and expectations without an answer as to how to fix it. They are not yet one with their true perspective.  The discussion dives into the depth of professional cycling but more importantly the discussion provides a powerful toolbox to win at the game of life.  

He touches on how to get real with yourself and find your true path.  This is an episode you do not want to miss.