I love this episode.  First off, it's a two-fer.  Secondly, our discussion with Chris was interesting, enlightening and in some cases profound…if you can choose to accept her point of view on choice.

In TCP 003, we start off the chat with Matt Tanner, founder of Rollfast Cycling and what it takes to ride the 'Sub-4' in a Gran Fondo.  Said another way, this is completing 100+ miles in under 4 hours.  In this case, the Rollfast Gran Fondo for a number of years was the fastest in the world with 2017 achieving a lowest time for 100.5 miles in 3 hours and 48 minutes.

As the field guide for TCP,  my job is to explore the conversation, keep it focused on the general topic at hand but let it go where it is supposed to go.  That's what happens in this episode.  It goes unexpected but interesting and enlightening places.

The whole concept and discussion is around choice.  What can you choose or not choose to do in order to improve your health and well being?  Sometimes it isn't as complex as you might think.  Chris will cause you to think differently about how you approach life and perhaps choose a new path which provides you with greater well-being, satisfaction with your journey and the peace you find in the process.