Is happiness a pursuit or a destination? 

Or rather, is happiness a state of being or is it instead a fleeting concept that comes and goes, often unexpectedly?   

Where is happiness found?  Or for some, where does it retreat and hide?

Can uncertainty in life fuel happiness?

Or instead, keep it at bay? 

We explore these questions and a few others on Episode 2, Where  Does Happiness Reside?

We try to get at a few answers on happiness.  Whether or not we were successful in this endeavor remains unclear.  However, we did get to a few revelations.  

Whether answers or insight, it makes for a good discussion and one we hope you enjoy this episode and can put what you hear work in some way in your own life.

We are working hard on the learning curve on this podcasting thing and getting better.  Episode two quality is 100% better than Episode 1 due to the investment in a bonafide studio, solid top level equipment, producer and a mixing board I have not yet mastered but promise to before Episode 3.  

Till then, overlook our audio editing weaknesses and you will find that Karma rewards you for your grace.

Till next time,